Cling Stamp, Feline Friends Like You

Artist Laurel Burch strove to create images that would remind people of the ongoing world of the spirit. Magical, beautiful images that will give you the freedom of expression to color and enjoy. This original design is copyright Laurel Burch. It is deeply etched and precision cut from premium gray rubber on a 1/8" gray rubber foam backing then mounted on a premium American hardwood handle with decal image on top Made in the USA.

Cling Rubber stamps combine Stampendous' premium, deep-etched, precision-trimmed rubber with a repositionable mounting surface for use with or without an acrylic stamp handle (sold separately).

  • Perfect for any stamping technique.
  • Great for use with acrylic paints for home decor or mixed media.
  • Most Stampendous wood mounted stamps are available in Cling Rubber
  • Cling Rubber stamps are less expensive than wood mounted stamps.
  • Cling Rubber stamps are easier to store in less space than wood mounted stamps.
  • Most Cling Rubber Stamp Sets come with a FREE Template for masking off the main images, creating fantastic backgrounds, or for use as a stencil.
  • 90% of our Cling Ruber stamps are Made in the USA.

    Cling Rubber stamps are the same premium quality as our traditional wood mounted version. This allows your rubber image to be used with an acrylic handle mount just like our Perfectly Clear Stamps. Weve carefully indexed the cling vinyl with an actual-size image of the stamp for ease in positioning. The image is sandwiched between the vinyl and the foam so that it cannot be washed, rubbed or worn off. The label is a bit larger than the stamp image to provide a firm grip on the acrylic stamp handle and to provide a convenient handle for removing from the stamping block.

    Cling Rubber stamps work with any kind of ink normally used with wood mounted stamps. They clean the same way, too. And storage is a breeze! Simply use their cling quality to pop them into a Thin Stuftainer and store them in a typical magazine holder or hang them on a peg board wall.

    Opening your Cling Rubber Stamps
  • A stiff sheet of acetate packaging covers the cling vinyl in the package.
  • Look for the round-cornered cling vinyl label that is attached to the foam cushion, it is often much larger than the stamp image.
  • Peel the cling label carefully off of the acetate leaving it firmly attached to the foam cushion
  • DO NOT peel the "rubber" or "foam" layers off of the label.
  • Save the acetate sheet for storage to keep your stamp clean.
  • Using your Cling Rubber Stamps:
  • Press the cling vinyl label securely to an acrylic stamping block.
  • The label is larger than the stamp to provide a good cling to the block and a convenient "handle" for removing.
  • Clean your label frequently with rubbing alcohol on a soft, lint-free cloth. Also clean your acrylic handles the same way.
  • Glitter, embossing powder, dust, and the oils from your fingers can keep your stamp from clinging well to the block, a quick cleaning should solve this problem.
  • See our Tip on Basic Stamping for help in inking and printing with your stamps.

    Our Cling Rubber Sets are Made in China. They consist of several images that work together to create larger and more creative projects. They do not have the cling vinyl label on the top of the stamp, instead the stamps are mounted on a special cling foam with the image printed on top for easy placement.

  • Most Cling Rubber Sets include a FREE Stencil with Masks for the main images or backgrounds that can be stenciled to enhance the image collection.
  • Many of our Cling Rubber Sets have matching cutting dies that can be purchased separately.

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